How can Record TIME help an Owner Operator?

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How can Record TIME help an Owner Operator?

If you own a business and operate machinery such as an Backhoes, Excavators or Skid-Steers, Forklifts or drive a truck, then using Record TIME can help you with many aspects of your business.

Daily Dockets

First of all, most jobs sites require  a daily docket or an hourly hire docket to be filled out. Record TIME allows you to create hourly hour dockets very easily. You can add your client details, location of the job, image of work before and after, signature and various other details. All of this can be done effortlessly with our mobile apps. You can fill out a docket within seconds. Have a look at one of our docket templates below. If you want to know how to create one. Follow this guide.

Proof of Delivery

Secondly, if you business is involved in any kind of delivery (ie delivering soil), or in any logistics, then you can use our app as a Proof of Delivery system. The docket can contain details like client, drop of location (automatically geotagged), images of item delivered, signature of recipient and so on. Record TIME is so flexible, you can add any other details that are relevant to your business practice.  

Safety and Compliance

Furthermore, Record TIME is very handy when it comes to safety and compliance. You can easily create an Excavator Pre Start Checklist, a Forklift Pre-start checklist or a Pre-start checklist for your truck. Have a look at a sample here. You can also use our online docketing app, for Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Toolbox Talks and Take 5 Talks. These can either be created as a template or uploaded as a PDF. This document can then be viewed in APP, signed, acknowledged and shared to relevant parties.


Finally, the dreaded Invoicing. How can you create an invoice out of our approved daily hire dockets? Simpe. Do it with Record TIME. Once you sent a docket and your client approves it, you can filter the relevant dockets and use them to automatically compile an invoice. This invoice will have the totals tallied up, as well as have the relevant dockets attached to it. This way, the client can easily verify the invoice and you can get paid on time, quickly and without much hassle.

Free Trial

If your business requires any of the above, then you should sign up for a free 30 day-trial today. We are absolutely convinced that Record TIME will save you lots of time and lots of money. It will also help you stay on top of your paperwork with the minimum amount of hassle. Sign up today.

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