How to design a proof of Delivery Docket.

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Today we are going to design a docket that can be used by any logistics company or anyone who is involved in delivering items. This docket template can be used as a proof of delivery system. The items we will have in this docket include things like signature, photo of items delivered and various other details. So let us get started.

Step 13

Log on to Record TIME using your details as shown below:

Step 14

Click Docket Book Manager and then click Docket Templates as shown below:

Step 15

Click Add new and call your docket, delivery docket.

Step 16

Add a short text field by clicking the short text field box from the docket elements box.

Step 17

Call this template. “Delivery Driver” as shown below.

Step 18

Next press the plus button shown above to add some names to the pre filler. Pre Fillers are drop down lists that you can set-up so that the end users can just select from a list. Add a few names:

Step 19

Add another short text field called “Client” and a location field called “Delivery Location”. You can use pre fillers here as well to load some common clients and locations. Finally, go ahead and add a long text field called “Description of Items”:

Step 20

Next, add an image field called “Image of Items” and a signature field called “Recipient Signature”:

Step 21

And that's it! You have successfully designed your first proof of delivery docket.

Delivery Docket

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