How to design a Pre-Start Checklist template.

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Today we will design a basic Pre-Start Checklist template. The checklist will look like the following. This is a very simple checklist that can be used by machine/plant operators.

Step 1

Log on to Record TIME using your details as shown below:

login alt
Step 2

Click Docket Book Manager and then click Docket Templates as shown below:

Step 3

Click Add new

Step 4

Fill in the title “Pre-Start Checklist” or whatever you would like to name this template in the screen below:

Step 5

In The screen below the first box. (1) represents the docket elements that are available for you to use. These include items like short text, long text date and so on. The Box number

Step 6

(2) has some parameters, tick invoiceable if you want to use these dockets in invoices.

Step 7

Click Short Text on Box 1 and the design screen should now look like: Double click the text to edit the label text:

Step 8

After the edit, the field should now look like this.

Step 9

Add a location field a short text field and a number field and change their labels to Job location and Machine Make/Model and Machine Hours respectively. Your screen should now look like this:

Step 10

We will now add some checkbox fields from box (1) as shown. The items will be: Are all controls working properly? Is Reverse/Motion Alarm working? Is Hazard light working? Check for any fluid leaks These are the checkbox fields that are added, they look should similar on your screen.

Step 11

Our pre-start checklist wouldn't be complete without notes, images of the machine and the operators signature. Go ahead and add a short text field called “Notes”, an image field and call it “Images of Machine” and a signature field called “Operators Signature”. The screen should like the following:

Step 12

And there you have it, you have successfully created a basic pre-start checklist. You can make this more comprehensive by adding other elements and more items to tick. This flexibility while designing digital dockets is why people love Record Time.

pre start checklist

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